It is located about 30 km. of Fregenite, it is recommended to visit taking as a route towards La Haza del Lino place from which you can admire stunning views of the coast of Granada, given the height at which is the Haza del Lino has drying of hams and alcornocal the highest in Europe; during this route you will enjoy vast fields of vines adapted to the irregular terrain and extreme temperatures in both winter and summer, also find ourselves almond plantations and fig trees; we can make a worthwhile visit to the winery "Cuatro Vientos", finally reaching Cádiar which together with the Church of Santa Ana, we will find some bars with a varied tasting tapas and some other store where we can sell some arroba local wine.

It is about 17.4 km. of Fregenite, it is considered the capital of the Alpujarra and recommend visiting Casa Palacio de los Condes de Sástago (now the Town Hall), El Molino de Benizalte which is a big house located just outside Órgiva, just across the river Chico . Formerly its function was to grind the olives. It was built in the sixteenth century. the recent opening of the Interpretation Centre dedicated to mining is also highlighted. Their celebrations take place mainly on 28, 29 and October 1 to coincide with San Miguel. "Fair Made in the Alpujarra" to know and enjoy the cuisine, crafts and Agri-Food ... of the region and held the first days of April.

Around the Central Market we find some bars with a varied tapas tasting.